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New mum shares her 'magic' parenting hack and others agree that it's a game changer

By Amy Lyall|

When you become a parent, everyone is all too keen to give your their advice, whether you asked for it or not.?

But one new mum has shared a little nugget of wisdom C a song that works miracles C on TikTok and while calling it a 'game changer' is a big call, we're with her on it.?

"I'm about to change your life if you're a parent, and I literally could not be more confident about it," Emily said in the video, which has been watched over 1.2 million times.

Watch the video above.?

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New mum Emily explains her ultimate parenting hack on TikTok
Emily has shared her ultimate parenting hack is a song and plenty of mums agree that it works. (TikTok)

"So I'm currently on a walk with my nearly seven-month-old, who's going through a bit of a difficult phase, shall we say?" she continued.?

Emily, who is a first-time mum, explained that it doesn't matter whether she's in the car or the pram, her daughter is kicking off.?

"However, this little trick that my friend told me about is a game changer," she explained.?

"You might have heard about it, it's a scientifically-made song that will make your baby happy.?

"It's called The Happy Song, funnily enough, by Imogen Heap, and she worked with scientists, psychologists from Goldsmith University to find out what tempo, what melody, what sounds babies like and will make them happy."?

Emily, who was on a walk with her daughter at the time, even stopped mid-video to make her point.?

"You really need to understand how important this is, it will change everything for you. It stops the baby's crying in an instant, it is magic."?

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Plenty of mums praised the song as being a miracle worker for helping them too. (Getty)

Emily isn't the only one who can back the magic of The Happy Song, with hundreds of other mums commenting that it worked for them.

"The happy song is the holy grail in my house. I don't have my own thoughts anymore, just those lyrics," wrote one mum.

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Another added, "Yess we swear by the happy song!! Have it on repeat in the car."?

"Yes! We use the happy song when my baby is fussy, it works like magic?" added another TikToker.?

One mum replied, "The happy song saved my first year literally."?

Of course, there were some parents that said it didn't work or did the opposite and made their baby upset, so it's really not completely foolproof.?

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Where did The Happy Song come from??

Baby company Cow & Gate commissioned Heap to write a song that would boost the moods of babies and make them happier in 2016.?

At the time her daughter Scout was almost two, and the perfect little helper to test out melodies with.?

After Heap composed several early versions of the song, two expert psychologists from Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr. Caspar Addyman and Dr. Lauren Stewart were brought in to help create the perfect piece.

The goal was to edit the song into the best version that had the most happiness-producing effects on babies and they definitely achieved it.

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