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'The girls are fighters': Former reality star Sarah Herron gives birth to twin girls two months early

By Amy Lyall|

Former US Bachelor star Sarah Herron and husband Dylan Brown have announced the very early arrival of their twin girls.?

The couple shared the news alongside a beautiful video from the hospital with their daughters who were born almost two months early.

Their birth comes a year after the couple lost their son Oliver when he was born at 24 weeks.

"World, meet Everette Rae & Colette Rose (Evy & Coco) born July 1st 2024," read the caption. Watch the video above.?

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Sarah Herron gives birth to twin girls two months early
Sarah Herron announced the birth of her twin girls, Evy and Coco, who arrived two months early. (Instagram)

"Fraternal twin sisters, our little 32-weekers took us all by surprise a whopping 7.5 weeks early ?

"We're all adjusting to life in the NICU as we have a long road ahead of us C undeniably filled with twists and turns C but the girls are fighters and getting stronger every day C we all are.?

"We're so grateful for our care team and any continued prayers for our tiny warriors. Today's plan: Sleep, breathe and grow! Welcome to the world little ones! My heart is completely outside of my body for these two miracles."

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Sarah Herron gives birth to twin girls two months early
The family is all adjusting to life in the NICU but Sarah said the girls are fighters. (Instagram)

Herron has been open about the challenges she's faced throughout the pregnancy, firstly due to the physical impact of carrying twins, but also the grief for Oliver.?

The couple turned to IVF to start a family and fell pregnant with their son, who was born at 24 weeks in January 2023.

In?June 2023, Herron and Brown revealed they had decided to move forward with growing their family again and in January announced they were pregnant with fraternal twins.?

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Pregnant Sarah Herron on pregnancy
Sarah opened up about how she's feeling during pregnancy and admitted she felt like she was complaining a lot. (Instagram)

Last month, Herron admitted she felt she was "complaining a lot" during her pregnancy, but wanted to show her followers that it was OK to feel like this.

"Any pregnancy is hard on the body and despite like complaining, or posting about how difficult it is sleeping, I love every minute of my pregnancy and I fully recognise that is it all a temporary experience and so spirits are still high even though I'm pretty sure I have like a cracked rib right now, it's just part of it," she said in a post on her Instagram stories.

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"And it's also OK if you are someone who experienced infertility and hate pregnancy, just want to say that."

For Herron, who knows exactly how hard it can be to go through infertility, IVF and pregnancy loss, she wanted to make it clear that you still don't need to just pretend everything is perfect all the time.

Red Nose Australia offers bereavement support for anyone affected by miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of a baby or child, and operates a Bereavement Support Line on 1300 308 307.??

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