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Professional baby namer reveals the 'hot' naming trend she's seeing everywhere

By Amy Lyall|

Baby names are always a fascinating topic C whether it's because you're expecting, planning on having kids one day, or you're just curious.?

9honey Parenting spoke with professional baby name consultant Michelle Casey, who runs Grow Little Wildflower and she shared the trends she's seeing in names right now.?

"Vintage names are really the hot names being used at the moment," she explains.

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New mum holding her baby in hospital
Picking a name for your baby is a big decision and a professional baby namer has weighed in on the trends she's seeing. (iStock)

These are names like Betty, Agnes, Jean, Iris, Audrey, Hazel, Daisy, Daphne, Pearl, Polly, Grace, Edith, and are some of what Michelle calls 'Old lady names'.

For boys it's names like Walter, Henry, Alfred, Hugo, Charles, Harold, Wilfred, August, Oscar, Rupert and Edison, for example.?

The Red Wiggle Caterina Mete made a nod to this trend with the names of her identical twin daughters.?

This week, the children's performer announced the birth of her girls alongside their names, Dolly and Gigi.?

According to Nameberry Dolly is of English origin meaning "gift of God" and Gigi is of French origin, meaning "God is my strength".?

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Caterina Mete
Caterina Mete named her twin daughters Dolly and Gigi. (Supplied)

But it's not the only trend Michelle has seen when it comes to baby names.?

If anything, the rise of social media has led to a lot of creative new names being given to kids that would never have been used years ago.

"I guess there's no name that's 'too' unique," Michelle explained.?

Baby mum stock
Aussie baby names that are quickly rising in popularity

"Parents are choosing names that are pretty unique from standards that were maybe, like, five or 10 years ago.

"They're kind of like, 'I can choose whatever I want and whatever I love and it's OK', and it doesn't matter because social media has kind of allowed us to just explore all options."

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Michelle is finding parents are going for more bold and unique names now, especially due to the rise of social media. (Getty)

Michelle has also seen a rise in parents choosing names that have a special significance, that "just mean something to them".

"And it's OK if it's a little bit different or a little bit unique, or they're only gonna be one-of-a-kind. Parents are actually wanting that."?

She believes social media and pop culture have been big influences on how parents are deciding on names.

Another popular set of names she's seeing parents go for is nature-inspired ?names.

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The woman's in-laws announced the baby name in an obituary.
Nature inspired names are very loved and a popular option for a lot of parents. (Getty)

"I just feel like nature names will always be loved," she said.

"You've got the super obvious ones, like River and Ocean and Meadow, Forest or Sage, and then you've got the less obvious nature names like Luna or Aria or Stella or Kai or Atlas. They've got nature meanings, but they're not as obvious as river or ocean." ?

If navigating the world of baby naming is too overwhelming for parents, Michelle also offers a range of consults where she will help narrow down a list or craft a one-of-a-kind name. ?

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