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Professional baby name consultant reveals the most surprising reason parents come to her for help

By Amy Lyall|

Naming a baby is one of the most difficult things a couple can go through, which is how Michelle Casey's business Grow Little Wildflower started to boom.?

The mum-of-three is a professional baby name consultant but admitted that one of the most common consults she does with parents is those going through baby name regret.?

"Most of the people who come to me for the name support option, honestly, most of those are name regret," she told 9Honey.?

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Michelle Casey baby name consultant
Michelle Casey is a professional baby name consultant and revealed her biggest clients are those with baby name regret. (iStock / Instagram)

Michelle explained the name support option she offers involves a lot of back and forth and often couples are talking through what happened.?

"Or whatever made them choose the name and why they're now considering perhaps changing it," she explained.?

"They're finding that there's no one else to speak to who understands or just doesn't think they're crazy."

Michelle explained this is where she helps them find a love for a name that they really wanted to use.?

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A lot of people come to Michelle experiencing baby name regret and wanting advice and help. (iStock)

Michelle has found that a lot of name regret either comes from a traumatic pregnancy or birth, or the baby came earlier than expected and the parents didn't really have time to think about the name more.?

"Once baby's here, everyone's all hormonal, especially mum, and they might make a decision quickly thinking that's the right one," she said.?

"And then down the track they go, 'Oh my gosh,' it's not right'.

"Or another reason, because in the US there's definitely some states where they have to name their baby before they leave the hospital, so they feel very rushed and a lot of them come from that."?

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In Australia you have six weeks from your child's birth to register it, and Michelle often gets people coming to her with just days left needing help with confirming their child's name.?

"Or they're like 'baby's here, we had this name in mind, and this happened', or 'someone we knew close to us just had a baby and chose the same name' or 'the baby doesn't look like that C we were picturing a blonde head, and they've come out with brown'," she explained.?

Michelle advised people to go into birth with two or three names, nothing overwhelming and go from there. (Getty)

Her biggest piece of advice for soon-to-be parents is to go into the birth with some names.?

"Two or three, nothing too overwhelming," she said.?

"And then wait to meet your baby and spend some time with them before you feel the need to have to share their name that's literally gonna be with them forever."?

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Michelle explained that when you meet your baby, chances are it will come to you.

"Then when you meet your baby like 99 per cent of the time, you'll just know, you'll have a feeling" she said.?

"I had this happen to me with my third. I went in with just a couple of names, and when she arrived, I was like, 'she's definitely not that' [name] like I just knew."?

Another common issue Michelle sees with parents is the name they loved for their unborn child, being used by someone else.

"No one owns a name and people get funny about it, especially if you have shared it before," she explained. ?

"Whenever a parent comes to me with that I say, 'It's actually a real honour that they, out of all the names, they love the same name as you like. How cool is that?'

"You know, you've just got to flip it a little bit and just be really proud that you've chosen the name that other people love dearly enough to to name their child forever.?"

Michelle offers services from naming support to lists of names and their meanings and even crafting a 'designer name' specifically for you. ?

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