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'Game changer': $8 Kmart buy mums swear by for keeping kids busy during wet school holidays

By Amy Lyall|

The school holidays have arrived and for most of the country we've been hit with the standard wet, miserable weather that makes finding things to do harder as the days go by.?

Thankfully, Kmart has once again come to the rescue with a clever little product mums are going wild for.?

Anyone knows painting with your toddler or young kids can be a nightmare, but their new Silicone Paint Mats change everything.

The best part? They're only $8. Watch the video above.

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Kmart Silicon Paint Mat
Mums are loving the $8 Silicon Paint Mats from Kmart which make craft with kids a lot easier. (Instagram)

Mum Chloe has purchased two of the products and shared a video raving about how good they are, which has been picked up by the Kmart account on Instagram.?

"Keeping the little ones entertained indoors this winter holidays? Set up a paint station with our new waterproof, easy to clean Silicone Paint Mats, only $8 each," reads the caption.?

In the video she said, "Oh my god, my kids are going to love this," as she showed it to the camera. ?

The silicon placemats are great because if you put them down on a table they won't slide around, due to the silicon adding some grip.

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Kmart Silicon Paint Mat
The mats come in two colours and plenty of mums are desperate to get their hands on them now. (Kmart)

There's a clean space for your little one to do their painting and for their paints, water and brushes.?

It's no surprise mums are going nuts for the clever product, which is a fraction of the cost compared to similar paint mats out there.?

"These are so handy!" wrote one woman.?

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"These are such a game changer!! Painting cleanup is a breeze now," added another.?

Another woman commented, "I really want to get one of these. I looked at the more expensive brand and they were $60."?

"Toddler? My 12yr old needs this lol," commented one mum.

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