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Led by network editor Shauna Anderson, 9Honey is Australia’s leading women’s network bringing you the latest coverage on all things royals, celebrities, lifestyle, fashion, travel, food and more. With a unique audience of over 3 million (Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, April 2019), we’re one of Australia’s most trusted and respected brands. The 9Honey network consists of already renowned titles including celebrity news site 9Honey Celebrity, food site 9Honey Kitchen, fashion and beauty site 9Honey Style, travel site 9Honey Travel and health website 9Honey Coach

At 9Honey, we have a great team of dedicated and specialised reporters, bringing you the latest around-the-world coverage on all things lifestyle. Nominated for such awards like Special Edition of the Year for our Royal Wedding Coverage, Columnist of the Year, Brand of the Year and more, browse our stories today. 

By 9Honey