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'No-one has replied': Woman asks for advice after seeing her cousin's unique list of baby name ideas

By Amy Lyall|

Naming your child is a huge decision and for a lot of parents, the name needs to have a special or significant meaning.?

But one woman has shared the list of potential names her cousin shared in their family group chat and well, she's definitely nailed the 'unique' aspect of it.?

"This was all sent in a family group chat and no-one has replied yet. I feel bad because at least she has put some thought into these names, especially compared to how most of us were named. On the other hand, well, you saw the names," she posted on Reddit.?

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A pregnant woman using her phone
A woman has shared her cousin's unique list of baby names and Reddit users have a lot to say about it. (Getty)

The names her cousin has shared and her logic behind them includes:?

  1. Urf (Earth..because no matter where the child lives in life, it will always be on Earth. Can't fault the logic on that one C Elon Musk might take umbrage though.)
  2. Seaeoh (CEO. Apparently names dictate destiny and this name will cosmically transform the child into a successful business magnate.)
  3. Stamp (She was in a long distance relationship with the father for a while and they used to send each other letters with...stamps. Sounds like what a caveman character in a film would be called.)
  4. Biotic (Connected to antibiotic. This will protect the child from disease. Antibiotic would be and I quote, 'Ridiculous because it would sound like 'Aunty' which would cultivate bullying because she would sound old.')
  5. Ayeai (AI. In the future AI will take over and if it turns nasty it will go easy on her kid because they share a name.)

The woman explained that her cousin's logics for going with something very different for a?name is "so many children nowadays have unique names that it will eventually become normal and people with 'standard' names will be the ones looking foolish."?

She added that her cousin's husband isn't "brave enough" to say anything about the names, but doubts that any two people could agree to one of them.?

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The woman thinks her cousin's husband will be too scared to say anything about the name choices. (iStock)

The people of Reddit had a lot to say about the choices.?

"Those are all just terrible," commented one user.

"I say this in the kindest way possible. She is delusional and I dare say, stupid. That poor future child deserves better," wrote another user.?

Another suggested a normal name might actually be unique now and wrote, "Having a 'standard' name is what is unique now. How many kids are being named David and Lisa?"?

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"I have never so badly wished for a baby names list to be fake. I think what makes it worse is that she has "justifications" for all of them," added another person.?

Some suggested that maybe because the group chat fell silent after sharing her list that she might take it as a hint that there's something wrong with her ideas, or tell her that the inspiration for the name is good and to find other options with a similar meaning.

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