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Baby's incredible reaction to seeing her own mum on TV for the first time

By Suki Reid|

An adorable baby's sweet reaction to seeing her newsreader mum on television for the first time has captured the hearts of millions on TikTok.?

A sports journalist, Bradley King, was reporting on TV when her five-month-old daughter Goldie realised she was looking at her mum.?

King shared the heartwarming clip on Instagram and TikTok, quickly going viral and garnering millions of views.?

Watch the video above.?

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Baby reacts to seeing her mum on TV for the first time.
Goldie reacts to seeing her mum on TV for the first time. (TikTok)

"Get you someone that looks at you like this ???," King captioned her TikTok video, "I'll be watching this on repeat for the rest of time," she wrote on Instagram.?

King told Good Morning America that she returned to work in April after her maternity leave, and the moment Goldie recognised her mum came at the end of June. Typically, King is on air during Goldie's naps or when she is playing.

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"It's cool to be a woman in sports and have your daughter get to see you do what you love," King told GMA.?

"I can't even explain to you. I think I was just laughing and giggling and starting to tear up," she reminisced.?

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Bradey King Fraser
Bradey King Fraser and Goldie. (Instagram)

"Honestly, it was just the cutest thing ever, and ¡­ apparently, the world thinks so too."

King says Goldie's reaction makes her "so happy" and that she hopes the viral clip will bring joy to others.?

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"I feel like my motto in life is just to be the light ¨C I have that as a tattoo ¨Cand that's just always been my motto, and so I hope that that's one thing I pass on to her, is just trying to make others smile and feel good,"? she said.

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