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'I worry': Sam Wood speaks out about toxic impact of social media on teens

By 9Honey Parenting|

Sam Wood ?is a doting father to four gorgeous girls, including 17-year-old Eve.

As a result, the fitness trainer and media personality is ?all too aware of the impact social media can have on young people and their body image.

"W?e've had a lot of discussions about body image with Evie," he tells 9Honey Parenting exclusively. "I worry a little about it... being a teenage? girl in the social media world is hard."

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Snezana Wood with her teen daughter, Eve. (Instagram)

Sam and his wife, Snezana, admit they do "try to stay in tune" and across the impact that social media is having on her state of mind and happiness.

"?She's a pretty good, confident girl, almost young woman, but she cares a lot about what she looks like, which I think a lot of girls do at her age," he shares.

"I think it's just continually reminding her how beautiful she is, and not to compare herself and not to put her value as a person on what she looks like."

"But that's easier said than done sometimes." ?

Sam and Snezana Wood speak out about teenagers and body image
Sam and Snezana Wood get candid with 9Honey Parenting. (Nine)

Watch the full interview with Sam and Snez above. ?

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