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How Nicole Richie bonds with her teen daughter over friendship 'drama'

By Amy Lyall|

Bonding with teenagers can be hard for parents, but Nicole Richie is having no problems with it.?

The actress, who recently made an appearance on Today, told host Hoda Kotb that this is actually her favourite stage of parenting right now.?

"I just so clearly remember being 16 that it's actually surprising how quickly I can go back there," Richie shared.

Watch the video above.

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Nicole Richie on parenting teenagers
Nicole Richie has been bonding with her daughter over teen friendship drama. (Today)

Richie, shares two kids Harlow, 16, and Sparrow, 14 with husband Joel Madden, and is finding that things like friendship drama are a shared experience.?

"When my daughter's telling me drama with her friends, I go, 'I remember. Laila Heckmath did that to me.' I remember first and last names, so it's fun. It's wild. And just the best," she added.?

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Richie's kids recently made their red carpet debut at the premiere of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, the remake of her 1991 film and the kids were typical teens at the event.?

"Everyone came, the whole fam came. It was very sweet," the actress said.?

Lionel Richie, Lisa Parigi, Harlow Madden, Sparrow Madden, Nicole Richie, Brenda Harvey-Richie, and Joel Madden
Nicole and Joel's kids made a rare appearance on the red carpet for her newest movie. (Getty)

"And what did they think? What do they think when they see you in roles like this?" Kotb asked.?

"They are teens so they're pretty chill about it. But they were happy to be there and they did tell me I did a good job. So I was like, 'I will take that, thank you very much,' " Richie laughed.

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Also in attendance at the event was her mum, Brenda Harvey-Richie and dad Lionel Richie with his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi.

Nicole's sister, Sofia Richie, did not pose for photos on the red carpet, but she did snap shots from inside the event.

Nicole Richie, daughter Harlow, sister Sofia Richie.
Nicole and Joel rarely share photos of their kids online. (Instagram)

Nicole and Joel have been married since 2010, but keep their family life relatively private.

The couple's children rarely make appearances on social media, although ?every now and again Nicole will share a glimpse into things online.

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